Education-a higher calling

We are actively involved to enhance Judeo-Christian education through multiple academic institutions and where possible provide scholarships to the smartest and the deserving.

Get Staeted is an international partnership of people whose mission is to follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in working with primarily the poor to help promote human transformation through education, which helps bear witness to the proclamation of the good news of the Kingdom of God.

We distribute literature & digital media that focuses on the words of Jesus as a starting point to unlock a hunger for learning which leads to a continuous life-long education.

We hold church wherever possible–in cyberspace, public social areas, and our facility. We believe in a philosophy of "Belong Believe"—if you belong to our group, you might believe as a result of our actions rather than the traditional church approach of "Believe Belong." We sponsor ministers and missionaries as full-time staff to help us with these outreaches, with a special emphasis being outside the United States and urban inner city America.

Our Mission

Inspired by our Judeo-Christian values, we are dedicated to working with all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. is a unique digital media outreach with a relevant face-to-face outreach model founded by Lindsey and Michael K. Clifford. The outreach provides via the Internet, social gatherings, and their facility based on the following three pillars:

  1. Literature/Digital Media distribution
  2. Education/Scholarships
  3. Ministers/missionaries

Our Value Statement

We are Judeo-Christian. We believe in a Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  • Through Jesus' words the love, mercy and grace of God are made known to us and all people.
  • We seek to follow Jesus' model of teaching all people including the poor, powerless, and marginalized while promoting a "civil society" based on His respect for the dignity of all peoples. We seek to accomplish our mission of providing education to all people without discrimination while offering His new life through faith in Him.
  • We hear His call to servant hood with humility.
  • We maintain our Judeo-Christian identity while being sensitive to the diverse context in which we express that identity.
  • We are committed to the poor. We are committed to taking care of widows, orphans, and leading like Jesus.
  • We endeavor to serve the neediest people on earth with our education programs. We believe the key to world peace is through education. We seek to facilitate engagements between the poor and the affluent that help open both to transformation. We try to help people learn at all levels of academic rigor while teaching them education with a purpose, which is to give to others of their time, talent and treasure.

We Value People.

We believe all people are created and loved by God. People take priority over money, structure, or political systems. Our Mission is to act in ways that respect dignity, uniqueness, and the intrinsic worth of every person. We believe in the richness of diversity in human personality and culture.

We are Partners.

We constantly seek partnerships with any individual or group that share our vision. We support these partnerships through our fundraising efforts.