Who is Lindsey Clifford?

Lindsey Clifford

In the highlands of Papua New Guinea where Lori and I (Michael) were working as missionaries, our telephone rang. Few people would spend the money for such an expensive call, so who was this person and what did she want? That was the beginning of a long friendship. Lindsey Clifford was working on a book about the Words of Jesus Christ, and, of course, wanted to quote them. She had been having trouble getting permission from the copyright owners of the modern English Bible translations, so when she found the World English Bible, a modern English Bible translation that was intentionally in the Public Domain (not copyrighted), it seemed too good to be true. It wasn’t.

After I shared with her about how God had called me to do something different by making a modern English translation of the Holy Bible freely available without copyright restrictions, she was on her way to do what God had called her to do. Since then, she has completed and published that book, and gone on to write some Bible studies and commentaries, which she has graciously allowed you to download from here:

So who is Lindsey Clifford? She is a devoted wife, praying mother, Bible scholar, Jesus follower, Christian author, my wife’s prayer partner, and a friend. She is also very generous to freely share her work with you! Check it out!