Nontoxic Entertainment

Use your TV for target practice?

Why is it so hard to find good entertainment that doesn’t insult our God or His values? We have access to more channels, more streaming options, and more recorded video options than ever before in history. Unfortunately, an increasing percentage of that entertainment is tainted by values contrary to good Christians morals. Even when you find something good to watch, the commercials may be offensive in some way. What to do?

Rather than take your TV out and use it for target practice, there are some other alternatives:

  • Watch more church services. Check out church web sites or use a search engine to find church services or special meetings that may interest you.
  • Watch TV shows and movies curated to not be objectionable, like those at PureFlix.
  • Turn off the TV, and listen to some good Christian music.
  • Read some good Christian books.